Soak up the atmosphere of the mysterious events in the world of Reverse Side.

Gregory Klimov, the only surviving member of the crash of his ship, the "Junior-2", enters the fight for his survival.

         In 1972, during the last manned flight to the moon, a crashed spaceship, of extraterrestrial origin was discovered and all the information about this mission was classified.

However, in 1976, the USSR intelligence received this data and the government organized an expedition to the moon to explore the wreckage of the spacecraft.

Two years later, the Scientific Complex "ORBITA” was based on the moon. Flying to the moon became regular, but all the information about these events was classified.

In May 2023, contact with the scientific complex has been lost, while at the same time, the spaceship "Junior 2" with three crew members, is orbiting the moon.

The Space Agency has requested them to find out the cause of the lack of communication with the scientific complex.

During the preparation of the lunar module, the system crashes, which leads to the collapse of the ship.

The lunar module makes an emergency landing with one survivor, the astronaut Gregory Klimov.


In the role of Gregory Klimov you immerse yourself in a dangerous world.

You will be in danger from the cold in space, a constant struggle for every breath of oxygen on the surface of the moon and the distraught members of the secret base "ORBITA" under its surface.


Look for resources and equipment, build equipment, trying at all costs to survive this horror.